• The Ark is to belong.

    We place belonging at the heart of what it means to be a Liberal Synagogue. So, if you want to belong to our community, whether Jewish or Jew(ish) – you are welcome.

  • The Ark is bold.

    We believe that in order to be fit for our times, Judaism needs to be bold. As a Liberal Synagogue, we celebrate what we were and what we are and search for what we will become.

  • The Ark is experiential.

    We believe in providing Jewish experiences that create commitment, relevance and engagement. As a Liberal Synagogue, we want to exceed expectations within and beyond the four walls of our building.

  • The Ark is personal.

    As a Liberal Synagogue, we believe in supporting personalised Jewish exploration. That means knowing your name and who you are. It means sharing with you who we are and deepening our understanding of each other.

  • The Ark is caring.

    Judaism throughout time has excelled in caring for its own. As a Liberal Synagogue, we follow our ancestors’ example and have expanded the circle of those who give and receive care.