To the Ark.

We are a Liberal Synagogue that thrives on our local members, delights in those who live further away, and welcomes anyone who wants to dip their toes into our spiritual waters.

We aim to offer a way to belong for everyone who is interested. Below are a menu of options – if none of these suit you, please get in touch.

  • The Full Works

    Classic Synagogue Membership as you know and love.
  • Just donate

    Help power the activities and well-being of The Ark Synagogue. Celebrate life by donating on special occasions
  • Young Families

    Have you got young children aged 0-15 and looking for a dynamic inclusive Shul to belong to. This ones for you.
  • Young Adults

    Young, single, without kids and want to belong but not sure you can afford it? We have the perfect way to belong.
  • Supporter

    Come from afar, member of another Synagogue or of none? Show your appreciation for our offerings.
  • Legacy

    Help us with our legacy by leaving a legacy