That define us.

Our Judaism is bold and brave and this is reflected in everything we do and offer. We see our Liberal synagogue as a platform that enables the active participation of everyone who is part of it.

We are all co-creators of Judaism. Together we provide value-rich, personalised religious and cultural communal experiences following our five guiding principles.


We believe that Judaism is about belonging. Whether driven by a powerful search for deeper meaning in our world, by a person committed to changing something in their life or the lives of others, or the search for spirituality, there is at its core the need for a powerful sense of togetherness.

So, if you want to belong to our community, whether Jewish or Jew(ish): you are welcome.

We belong to the Jewish People and express our identity through Liberal Jewish values and the rich heritage of a 50+ year old Synagogue.


We believe that in order to be fit for our times, Judaism needs to be bold; constantly moving beyond the status quo. We celebrate what we were and what we are and search for what we will become.

We have always been passionate and radical about our Judaism. In addition to being creators, we also want to curate a portfolio of Jewish experiences, education and care to all who are exploring, embracing and belonging through Judaism.


We believe in providing value-rich dynamic Jewish experiences, because this creates commitment, relevance and emotional engagement. We want to exceed expectations.

We have moved beyond the four walls of a building to redefine synagogue. Where you are is where we are and where we are is where you are. Our 2020 experience provides the vision that every interaction matters.


We believe in supporting personalised Jewish exploration. That means knowing your name and who you are. It means sharing with you who we are. We don’t mean to pry or to overshare, but deepening our Jewish experience means understanding each other.

This belief we bring to all of our relationships which is why we are fair trade certified and a living wage employer.


We believe that Judaism throughout time has excelled in caring for its own. For decades our Synagogue has been an innovator in care for the community. We have taken that a step further, expanding the circle of those who give and receive care.
We believe that belonging occurs when people feel cared for and have the opportunity to positively impact on others, within the Synagogue and beyond.