Cheder at The Ark Synagogue

Cheder at The Ark Synagogue is a friendly, enjoyable and educational time for the children who take part in this important introduction to Jewish life. We provide classes for children from reception to year 10 during term time Saturday mornings and children study both Hebrew and Jewish studies.

Term Dates

13 Jan 2024 – 23 Mar; no class on: 17 & 24 Feb
20 Apr – 29 Jun; no class on: 4 May, 25 May & 1 Jun


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Jewish Studies

For school years reception to year 6, we teach Jewish Studies in three levels using a two-year rolling curriculum. Full details of the curriculum can be found in the course handbook (see below) and parents are welcome to request copies of individual lesson plans.

Our B’ Mitzvah classes also follow a two-year rolling curriculum accompanied by family study sessions with the rabbis that focus specifically on preparing for the B’ Mitzvah.

The teenagers in our KT classes work together with their teachers to set the curriculum for their weekly classes to ensure that the content is relevant to them. The Hebrew component of the KT classes is included in the main sessions.


Reception – Year 2: Familiarity with Hebrew sounds & exploration of letter shapes

Year 3-4: Learn to read Hebrew with the help of Ready Set … Go Alef Bet! And Alef Bet Quest

Years 5 – 6: Work on Hebrew fluency with Kol Yisrael – The Prayers of our People

B’ Mitzvah Years (Years 7-8): Perfect Hebrew fluency to prepare the B’ Mitzvah portion


Handbook for Reception to Year 2
Handbook for Year 3-4
Handbook for Year 5-6
Handbook for B’ Mitzvah Years

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