Celebrating LJ at 120

A cross-communal adult learning programme in four parts focusing not just on the history of Liberal Judaism but also on the present and looking toward the future as we explore Liberal Jewish practice, values and beliefs. This will be a unique opportunity to study with many of the rabbis and layleaders of Liberal Judaism!

Sessions will be held on Wednesdays at 7:30pm on zoom. Those registered to participate in the sessions will also receive access to recordings of the sessions.

All sessions are designed to stand alone, so you can attend as many evenings as you’d like throughout the year.

To register: www.arksynagogue.org/lj120-part4.

Part 4: Liberal Jewish Values will begin on 9 November.

9 November
Rabbi Charley Baginsky
Post-Holocaust thinking and its influence on Liberal Jewish values

16 November
Rabbi Dr Judith Rosen-Berry and Rabbi Dr Michael Shire
Ethical Monotheism and Liberal Jews: The God Life or the Good Life?

23 November
Rabbi Alexandra Wright
The influence of the prophets on contemporary Liberal Jewish values

30 November
Rabbi Dr Charles Middleburgh
How the Psalms inspire LJ Values

7 December
Rabbi Neil Janes
Rabbinic Literature its relevance to Liberal Jewish Values today

14 December
Rabbi Gabriel Kantor-Webber
Liberal Jewish values and social engagement